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An issue with EOS CCA

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An issue with EOS CCA

So, I'm trying to get my credit fixed. I have a *paid* collections account on my record from 2008 for an ambulance. I never used an ambulance before 2009.

My credit report gave me the number of a local EOS CCA office (20 miles away).I called them. They looked me up. I don't exist in their local records. They gave me corporate's phone number. I call. After waiting 20 minutes, I get an operator. I explain my situation, he transfers me to someone else. I explain my situation again, and then I'm transfered to the chicago office (I live near chicago), which has broken voice mail and no operators.

I tried calling their corporate office back again, repeatedly, and the phone drops randomly, rings forever (literally, no waiting message), etc
I can't get a real person that knows what to do about an account that shouldn't exist.

How do I actually talk to someone here?

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

I'd stop calling and send a letter CMRRR

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

What do you mean by CMRRR

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

Ok, I just googled that.

What would you put in a letter like that?

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

Send them a DV letter - I found you are reporting this account # on my credit report.  Please validate per FDCPA 809.


Short and simple.

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

I sent them a DV CMRRR and they were very quick to respond with a letter back saying they will delete-- which they also did quickly.  

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

I never heard of a DV. I googled it, and found a great sample.

Thank's for the recommendation!

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

If the sample you found is a page long, and demands different things,  please don't use that. 

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

This is the sample I found

Your Name
Your Address

Name of CA
Address of CA

Re: Your Account No:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I checked a copy of my credit report and realized that there was a collection reported from your agency, which I was not notified about. I do not reject to provide with the debt amount. However, this is a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b), that your claim is disputed and a validation is demanded. This is asking for proof regarding the debt that I owe and verifying it.
I am requesting you to stop all collection activities including reporting this information on my credit report. I am sure that you are aware of the fact that non-compliance with this request may end up in legal obligations.

Please dispatch copies of the following with your reply:

1. The agreement which authorizes you to collect debt on the assumed debt.
2. The signed agreement from the debtor confirming to pay the debt.
3. The documents regarding the payments made on this account and validation of the amount.

With regards,

Your Signature
Your Name

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Re: An issue with EOS CCA

The only thing they have to give you is the amount owed and who is currently collecting.  If you ask for the name and address of the OC they have to provide that.  You can ask for an itemized accounting of the debt also.

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