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Are they allowed to do this?


Are they allowed to do this?

Asset Acceptance is collecting on a debt sold to them by First Premier.

I requested debt validation and they sent me a screen print which showed the dollar amount and the original creditor.

The dollar amount on the document is $695.77.

I have pulled 3 EQ credit reports and the dollar amount reported each time is different:

1/30/14 $747

3/09/14 $752

3/27/14 $753

Are they allowed to change the dollar amount like this?

I don't understand; please help.



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Re: Are they allowed to do this?

Yes, the dolalr amount on the screen shot is the original amount owed. The amoutn shown on your credit reports is likely the amount after fees etc.

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Re: Are they allowed to do this?

No they aren't. Do you know the dofd on the accounts? Do you think they're reaged? I definitely wouldn't think that a screen shot of a computer is accurate verification.
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Re: Are they allowed to do this?

Seems like they are adding interest, but not a ton of it.  I don't see anything wrong with it.

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Re: Are they allowed to do this?

The account was first reported on Oct. 2012.

Date of last activity is May 2010.

The amount had been changed 3 times in the last 3 months.

It's just odd.

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