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Asset Acceptance Help

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Asset Acceptance Help

Having an issue with an asset acceptance account. My husband had a credit card with first premier that was settled with Asset acceptance in October. The issue is that the tradeline is showing a current status of 120 days past due on his Equifax report. It was my understanding that a debt buyer could not report late payments so I filed a complaint with the BBB, MI AG, and FTC. Both the BBB and MI AG have closed the complaints based on the form letters that asset sent. Asset is basically saying that they are reporting correctly and that it is the credit bureau that is reporting the information. I have disputed with the credit bureau and it just came back verified. Does anyone have any other options that I can pursue on this? Thanks in advance for the assistance. This is how the account reads on equifax.

Credit Account Aac
Status as of Nov, 2012
Date opened [?]
Feb, 2012
Date of last activity [?]
Nov, 2009
Largest past balance [?]
Account Type [?]
Open Account
Account holder [?]
Industry Factoring Companies
Descriptions [?]
• Consumer disputes this account information
• Paid collection
No contact information provided by Equifax
Balance [?]
Current Status [?]

$0 120+ days past due
Seven year payment history [?]
30 days late 0 times
60 days late 0 times
90+ days late 0 times
Worst Delinquency [?]

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Re: Asset Acceptance Help

If it was settled for less they may be able to report as it is.  Was it settled as paid in full?


Normally, the CA reports the worst delinquency from the OC, which is ok.





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Re: Asset Acceptance Help

BBB didn't work? You can be not satisfied with their reply and keep arguing, I did with them and LVNV both got deleted! 

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Re: Asset Acceptance Help

We didn't pay the full amount we settled but Asset sent a receipt stating it was payment in full. No, the BBB didn't work. I denied it three times and they just closed the case after getting the replies from Asset saying basically the same thing they stand by their decision.

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