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Bank of America/Convergent Outsourcing

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Bank of America/Convergent Outsourcing

Im in the process of closing a loan on a home and Convergent Outsourcing has popped up from an account I never used and hadnt got around to closing.  They were charging me every month I didnt have a direct deposit and now I owe like $300.  I talked to the rep and he said I could still pay the OC but how would I go about that? 


I asked Convergent Outsourcing for a letter stating it wouldnt be reported on my credit after I paid it but after talking with like six people they said they cannot do that.  What to do now?  This is about to give me a heart attack considering this is at the worst possible time.

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Re: Bank of America/Convergent Outsourcing

Does your lender know? If not, I'd probably talk to them. The amount might be small enough where they don't care. 

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