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Re: Best approach for medical collections

Can someone PM me the info too.  I have 2 Medical collections I need removed asap.

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Re: Best approach for medical collections

Can I get the PM?

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Re: Best approach for medical collections

Would Love to get rid of old medical collections that have been haunting me for years. 

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Re: Best approach for medical collections

Would love a PM also, please!

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Re: Best approach for medical collections

I will jump on the bandwagon here too then.  The only negitives I now have on my report is through medical collections.



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Re: Best approach for medical collections


I know I'm late to this discussion, but if possible can you please message me this info. as well? Thanks!

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Re: Best approach for medical collections

me as well! Thank You

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Re: Best approach for medical collections

Oh hell, can I get the PM as well?  All of my medical collections have agreed to PFD except one and its showing up as a paid collection :smileymad:

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Re: Best approach for medical collections

Not to overstate the obvious, but for those with paid medical collections, have you tried a GW letter?


We removed 13 paid medical collections from my DW CR with one GW letter to the collection agency.  The letter had 14 on it.  When one was left, we sent another and said "you missed one" and they took that off to.


Between her report and mine, we found paid medical collections to be the easiest to remove.  Wrote a letter explaining the situation at the time and *boom* several weeks later they disappeared.


FWIW, we have never, ever heard back from the companies we sent GW letters to.  They just "went away"


Total of 17 went away between us with this technique and 2 stamps.

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Re: Best approach for medical collections


  Can i get that info as well? TY in advance

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