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Capital One Good Will call

I usually don't post on sites but I figured this may help someone. Had a 30 day late on a Cap 1 credit card in March. Decided to pay a well known credit repair company to help me get it removed along with some others. After 9 months of disputing every 45 days no luck. I'm trying to get a mortgage and really need this 30 day removed. I took to google and found this site yesterday at work. I read through a huge number of threads last night and decided to give some of the solutions a try.


This morning I used the backdoor number to Cap 1 and spoke with an acct specialist. This person could not have been more nice. I told the truth I explained I had a mis-step and I'm trying for a mortgage can they make a goodwill adjustment to remove the 30 day late. They told me they would send the corrected information to the 3 credit bureaus and I would receive a letter in 2 weeks then it will take 30-90 days for the CB's to update. So I wont call it a success until I see the late removed but I will update when it happens.


This site is pretty awesome can't wait to try more solutions with my other creditors.

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Re: Capital One Good Will call

Hello and welcome to the forums.


Congrats!  It'll feel great when that is removed and clear the path for your mortgage.  Good Luck!

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Re: Capital One Good Will call

can you please pm me the contact info. I called to the executive office this morning and got the big NO! I too had a 30 day late in jan 2012 that I would love to see remove. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Capital One Good Will call

could u pls pm me the number?

Have a blessed day! =)
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Re: Capital One Good Will call

Can I get the contact info as well?


Thank you :smileyhappy:

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Re: Capital One Good Will call

me three! thanks!
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Re: Capital One Good Will call

Congratulations! Can I have the contact number as well please?

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Re: Capital One Good Will call

Can you Pm me as well.....called exec office and possibly looking at a no,,,,need a backup plan..

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Re: Capital One Good Will call

could you PM me as well. my situation is a bit tougher... attacking at all angles.:smileywink:

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Re: Capital One Good Will call

Guys I used the backdoor number on the backdoor page. Use the one for acct. specialist. Good Luck!

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