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CashCall GW

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CashCall GW

My husband had an installment loan from CashCall which we paid off several years ago. There were some late payments reflected and I would love to send a GW letter. Just curious if anyone has ever dealt with them and/or had success using GW.

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Re: CashCall GW

I also have a paid off loan from CashCall that was a charge off.  I've been sending GWs, but no luck yet.  Round 3 is coming up in a couple weeks!

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Re: CashCall GW

Did either of you have any luck on this with your GW?  I have an old loan I had paid off, no problems with the exception of 1 late in 08.  I'm waiting for it to drop.  I don't even think it's that big of a hit on my report but I'd love for it to just be gone.

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