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Central Financial Control


Central Financial Control

I recently contacted CFC to get my report updated from a payment I made back in May 2012. My CR still shows this as unpaid. As a result of me contacting them I received a derog notification from my credit monitoring. How do I update this account or possibly get it deleted without it hurting my CR any more. Has anyone had any luck with this company?

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Re: Central Financial Control

you could dispute it 

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Re: Central Financial Control

These guys are jerks. I sent them a PFD and they didn't respond and also sent notice to the CRA's that I was disputing.  That may have been due to the wording in my PFD letter but I think they are just jerking me around.


What is it for?  Is it medical?  Mine is medical and I'm now going to follow the Whychat Hipaa process to see if I can get it removed.  

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Re: Central Financial Control

Mine is for medical. I paid them in may and they never updated my account. I called them the other day and they say I need to take that up with the CRA. They sent me a letter and add I received a derog notification. This is frustrating!!!
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Re: Central Financial Control

They have a statutory obligation to make timely update.  FCRA 623(a)(2).

Send them a direct dispute, with the inaccuracy being the failure to comply with their requirement to update their reporting.

That sets a 30-day period for their investigation and resolution of your dispute.

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