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ChangeIsVital's Credit Repair Journal

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ChangeIsVital's Credit Repair Journal

I have been in this community for a little over a month and I think its time for me to start a credit repair journal to hold myself accountable for what I do both good and bad.


To start, I want to say thanks in advance for the encourgement and words of wisdom. I have a lot of work to do but I plan on achieving all of my goal. All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.


My credit score started at 497 as of 12/20/2012. 5 baddies (2 CA's and 3 C/O's). As of yesterday I sent 4 PFD letters with settlement offers; if unable to settle I am prepared to PIF those accounts. I sent a GW letter to my oldest account that was a CO but I PIF about two years ago.



Details of my baddies are as follows:

-American Recovery Systems (Bailey's Powerhouse Gym) CA account, balance: $807

-Enhanced Recovery Corp. (Sprint) CA account, balance $534

-University of Phoenix (Apollo Group) CO account, balance $4165 (they have offered to settle at 50% but I have not confirmed it would be a PFD yet)

-JEA (electric company) CO account, balance $114

-Sunbelt Credit CO account, balance $983


I have student loans that went into default and I have reached out to the Sallie Mae advocate office asking for a GW adjustment since I got back on track and actually started attending school again!!


I still need to GW First Premier but I do not have a contact for them yet. They were settled about two months ago but I didnt sent a PFD letter because I wasnt on these forums yet!


Santander is who my car is financed with. I have had several late payments with them in the last two years but the account is now current. 9x30, 4x60, 2x90 (in the last two years) I know horrible... had a lot of stuff going on.



Positive accounts:

-Vystar Credit Union Credit Card (secured, doesnt report as secured) $1000 limit

-USAA Secured Credit Card $500 limit

-Santander revolving car note $297.02 monthly


Financial Goals:

-Credit score in the 640+

-Purchase my first home

-Obtain 3-4 decent balance unsecured credit cards (balances over $2k)

-Purchase a car with a decent interest rate (8% or lower)




Starting Score: 495 (12/2012)
Current Score: 520 (01-06-2013)
Goal Score: 680

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Re: ChangeIsVital's Credit Repair Journal

When you opened accounts with VyStar, did they pull your credit? If not, did you apply for the CC same day you opened accounts?

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Re: ChangeIsVital's Credit Repair Journal

I previously had a credit card and bank accounts with Vystar, which is a credit union, and I currently have a checkings and a savings account with them. They did not pull my credit when I requested the secured card.

Starting Score: 495 (12/2012)
Current Score: 520 (01-06-2013)
Goal Score: 680

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Re: ChangeIsVital's Credit Repair Journal

Did you have any luck with JEA? I have the same problem and would love to know if you got it removed. Thanks.

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