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Chase Auto Loan - CEO

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Chase Auto Loan - CEO

Finally dawned on me today.  Been sending GW letter after letter to every Chase auto/Subaru finance address I could find over the past year to get a 60 day late and a couple 30 day lates removed.  With Chase being such a large company, it dawned on me today...there has to be a Chase Auto Loan CEO out there.   Someone higher up the the VP I was dealing with at Subaru Finance.  Sure enough, I found someone.  


She recieved a wonderful email today about getting my 60 and 2 30 day lates removed.   Hopefully a quick response will come tomorrow.   


Edit: personal names...

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Re: Chase Auto Loan - CEO

Go get them ... and I like your rather optimistic outlook!

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Re: Chase Auto Loan - CEO

Denver, do you have an email address for her?  Can you PM it to me?






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Re: Chase Auto Loan - CEO

I too would like that contact info.

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Re: Chase Auto Loan - CEO

Please forward me the contact. In the same boat..

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Re: Chase Auto Loan - CEO

Could you provide me with contact info

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Re: Chase Auto Loan - CEO

Any update?

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