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Chase Goodwill Adjustment

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Re: Chase Goodwill Adjustment


algorithmslave wrote:



thank you for the info....first I am not sure how to highlight, like you did, in a post what the person your speaking too says. Perhaps I will figure that out in do time. 




I have asked them before for a PFD and was denied. This was on the phone. In addition, my understanding is, once you pay your report it will show that date in the "date of last activity" spot, which I was told will reset the clock. In addition, right now it shows 28 times as 90+ days past due, meaning they are hitting me each month. In addition, it is effecting my debt to credit ratio. Meaning it is counting against my utilization on my revolving credit. I have asked them to verify the account and they sent me billing statements but no other info. The account was originally a Sharebuilder credit card sold to FirstUSA and then Chase. I am wondering if a all out dispute might work better once the three year SOL is up in Jan 2013?

The post you want to show up in your message, click on "reply" at the (bottom of that post). Then click on "Quote" (found at top of the post).

 If you need any help with techy things, there's a board called .....myFICO® Forums Technical HelpSmiley Wink Hope this helps.

Thank you!!

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