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Chase JPMorgan 30 day late

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Chase JPMorgan 30 day late

I had forgot to pay my auto loan back in January and realized to pay on the 30 day past due!!! Now it's on my credit report showing late. The last 30 day late was almost 2 years ago. I'm so bummed! I didn't see any score dropped because I have an old collection fell off. How much is this hurting my score? The car will be paid off in a few months. Has anyone had any luck GW with Chase auto? I was hoping to get a house by Christmas! Now my dream of crushed!
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Re: Chase JPMorgan 30 day late

Hi Rein, sorry to hear. My first GW to their executive office resulted in an investigation and ultimately resulted in the typical "under the fcra we are required to report accurate information."

I will continue until I get a compassionate human being (my 30+ day late resulted as I traded in my car and payoff happening a few days late).

Good luck.

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Re: Chase JPMorgan 30 day late

Did you pay within 30 days of the billing due date?

All lates are not reportable to the CRAs.

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