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Collections .. Account Dates .. and Disputing them

Guys I have a few questions about collection accounts.  First off, can someone tell me what date/s the FICO model looks at and uses to determine the age of a collection ?  There are too many dates on there ... DOLA, DOFD, date open, date closed, date of status, last reported etc etc. How can I tell the most recent collection from the oldest.
Secondly, can disputing collections end up hurting my score if they come back verified ?  I'm thinking some of the dates on the account would then be updated and hurt my score compared to just leaving them alone. I just don't know what dates would change and which ones FICO looks at in its scoring model. 
And is there a thread that describes what all the dates on accounts mean ?  I know DOFD and DOLA. But I'm wondering what constitutes changes to these dates. For instance, does a verified collection then come back and change the DOLA ?  Does it change the date of status .. the last reported date ? None of the above ??  Confusing this stuff.  Appreciate any thoughts.
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Re: Collections .. Account Dates .. and Disputing them

The wiser and experienced people will come in and help you but I can say that disputing an acct will not reset the DOFD OR DOLA. Its my understanding those two dates can not be changed, at least not legally.
I dont think disputing will harm your scores either.
The neg acct can stay on your CR for 7-7.5 yrs after the DOFD or DOLA.
You need to know the SOL for your state before DV.
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Re: Collections .. Account Dates .. and Disputing them

The DOFD should NEVER change...if it's re-aging..and should be disputed...the DOLA can be changed if you make a payment...and that they only way it should change...
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Re: Collections .. Account Dates .. and Disputing them

Hi and Welcome to the fora! Please read the following threads and come back and fire a way with your questions.
Read the credit scoring 101 thread in my sig line...also read
Credit reporting time periods
Credit Profile -
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Re: Collections .. Account Dates .. and Disputing them

Fused thank you for the links. Believe it or not, I have actually read thru those threads, and was still left with the original questions above. I definitely tried to look all around for an answer before I posted. So let me try to ask this a different way. I understand what DOFD is. I understand what DOLA is.
My question is, if we dispute a collection account or any account for that matter, and it comes back verified or updated. What dates on the account can then change ?. The DOFD never changes, I know that. But would the DOLA change ?  Would the last reported date change ?  Date of status .. would that change ?  Is verifying an account considered activity ?  If it is, then it possibly could change the DOLA anytime you dispute accounts and they come back as verified right ?  
I'm trying to figure out what dates on an account can LEGALLY change when a creditor or CA verifies a disputed account. Because its been said by many on here including mods, that disputing an older collection can then cause it to be verified and with newer dates then, and the scoring system will look at it as a newer collection now. So does anyone know first off all, what date or dates does the FICO model look at to determine the age of a collection account.  And second of all, what dates CAN LEGALLY change when an OC or CA verify or update a disputed account.  Hope that makes sense.  thank you,

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