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Credit Steps YAY

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Credit Steps YAY

So I received a $100 CLI two days ago, woke up this morning to see that the credit steps kicked in a month early (I was told july 7th) so my limits on both my quicksilver cards are $1200 YAY...I didn't use the cards much but it was exciting to see that amount and exciting to know that my scores will go up because of this But of course I WONDER how much of an increase I will get hhhmmmmm

Starting Score: 525
Current Score: EX 622 TU 648 EX 618
Goal Score: 700

My Fico Challenge starting 2016
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Re: Credit Steps YAY

Congrats. Smiley Happy

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Re: Credit Steps YAY

Yes, congrats

Goal: 700's by 11/1/2015 (all baddies will be gone)

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Re: Credit Steps YAY

Congrats to ya!!
EX 08 Fico: 729 TU 08 Fico: 735EQ 08 Fico: 740Total Credit Line: $128,600Utilization: 6%Inquiries:EX-6TU-7EQ-5

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