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DV critique please?

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DV critique please?

So this is what I have so far for my DV letter, any advice on changes would be appriciated. The account number I have is all that's listed on scorewatch.



Dear NCO Financial ( account xxxxx7070)

I recently pulled my credit bureau report, and I discovered that you claim I owe you a debt. Since I have not received any notification of this debt in any form from you, I am, under § 809 of FDCPA, requesting validation of the debt, which includes a copy of the debt or judgment for which you are collecting.



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Re: DV critique please?

Be careful that can lead to being locked out if u will there is no time frame that they have to validate only that they cant report after the date u send letter. I always started with the CRAs,

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Re: DV critique please?

"Copy of the debt" is confusing.

The statute requires that the debt collector "obtains verification," and mails statement of that fact to the consumer.

I would simply state that your request validation under FDCPA 809(b), which specifies what they must do, and leave it at that.


Additionally, you may want to request the name of the original creditor.  A debt collector is not required, either in their dunning notice or in a request for debt verification, to provide any information pertaining to the original creditor unless the consumer makes specific request. 

If you wish that information, primarily if you dont recognize the origin of the alleged debt, I suggest you include that requirement.


The CRAs are not a party to the debt validation process.  I would not send anything to the CRA.

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