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Debt Validation

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Re: Debt Validation

nyccc2 wrote:
You don't need to be honest in a dishonest system or with dishonest people.

The law is ridiculous;

No one could send you a letter accusing you of murder to one of any of your previous valid addresses and then refuse to supply any evidence because you didn't reply in 30 days. It is a rigged system through and through and you should do whatever you can and whatever it takes to get lines off your system and your score up. Period.

AMEN to that! Except dont break the law ofcourse! LOL!Smiley Very Happy

I'm not a kid anymore, I've done a lot of growing up! Smiley Happy
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Re: Debt Validation

Thanks for for the advice. I am going to send them a DV letter and tell them that I just received the letter.
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Re: Debt Validation

Thresh wrote:
Thanks for for the advice. I am going to send them a DV letter and tell them that I just received the letter.

Personally, I'd wait for the *next* letter and say this is the first I've heard and am DV'ing. Otherwise they have 'proof' that you received the January letter and missed the 30 day window. If you wait for the next letter, then you can say 'this is the first I've heard of this, I am DVing'. They can say they sent a prior one all they want, I'd think they have to PROVE that and the preponderance of evidence would be your reply to their subsequent letter. Not a lawyer but that seems best to me.
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Re: Debt Validation

Well I just found out that this is not showing up on my credit report yet. I'm worried that if I DO wait for the second letter by that time it WILL be on my credit report. Guess I still need some advice on this subject.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Debt Validation

It's easier to prevent the problem rather than get it removed once it's there.  I personally would send them a PFD and go from there. It won't hurt to try because if they are going to report it - they will report it regardless of what you do. If they haven't yet, maybe you can prevent it.
*Edit:   You could always contact the company and tell them that you got their number from the OC because you were trying to pay the debt IF they question whether or not you have received a letter from them.

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Re: Debt Validation

Does anybody have a copy of a good DV letter they have used in the past?
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Re: Debt Validation

I have some collection accounts on my CR's that I know to be mine, should I make the effort to DV them or just PFD them.  I have the money to pay the CA I want to contact!
Thank you and sorry if this is repetitive. 
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Re: Debt Validation


I recently DV'd an account that has not been reported on my CRA yet.  Before they had even signed for the letter I received a letter from a new CA about the same account.  Now do I have to DV the new CA or do I wait for the old CA to respond.  I received the letter from the new CA today.

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Re: Debt Validation

Send a DV to the new CA too.
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Re: Debt Validation

Is the all I need in a DV letter to a CA? Should I sign it or not? Does it need to be hand written? Should anything else need to be added?


Thanks for all the help!



April 18, 2009



"I pulled my credit bureau report, and I discovered that you claim I owe you a debt. Under § 809 of FDCPA”, I am requesting validation of the debt, which includes a copy of the debt or judgment for which you are collecting.










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