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Denied Credit Card Statement

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Denied Credit Card Statement

Hello all,


I'm new to this but from what I have seen so far are some pretty good advice. My situation is as follow, I was recently denied for a discover card because of old collection showing up on my report. During that time my equifax fico cs was 587  now here is the kicker! On the letter from discover it states that my fico cs from equifax is 645. I don't want to pull my own report as I am trying to purchase a home. Can I trust that the 645 is my new fico from equifax?


Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Denied Credit Card Statement

I cant speak to the trust issue. 

However, pulls of your own credit report are not available for view by others in your CR, so ordering your own report/score wont show.


You are entitled, based on their denial, to receive a free credit report (not score) from EQ.  Just mail a copy of the denial letter to them within 60 days.

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