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Denied for a Shell gas card?


Denied for a Shell gas card?

Um, does anyone feel like explaining why, with a 680 score, no late payments, albeit a BK that is 6.5 yrs old, that I would be denied a flimsy gas card? I have an upscale retail card for crying out loud that I PIF every month. My revolving debt is below 50%.. I have 7 yrs AAoA. What (tf) gives? Is this a joke?



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Re: Denied for a Shell gas card?

Have you checked your CRA lately to be sure that there is not somehting on there you are not aware of that they viewed?


In their denial letter, they must have advised you of your right to send their letter to the CRA, and obtain a free copy of your current CR from the CRA they used.

That might shed some light on what they viewed.......

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Re: Denied for a Shell gas card?

They denied me for BK! Lol.. That's a cop out .. especially for a company I've never burned..


I can't find anything way out of the ordinary on my CRs.. a few mistakes, but nothing that drags my score down more than 10 - 15 points by my estimation..


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