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DirecTV and Receivables Performance Management - $419

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DirecTV and Receivables Performance Management - $419

I recently started my first big-boy job and am working to repair my credit from being an idiot in college. 


I live in Texas. 


The original creditor was DirecTV. I owe them for equipment that was not returned. 


I have a $419 collection account from Receivables Performance Management. 


The CA was opened on 01/2011 and was reported since 03/2011. It was last reported on 03/2011.


Today I spoke to both DirecTV and RPM. DirecTV still has the account on file, and I can make payment in full at any time. 


After I verfied the account was still open with DirecTV, I called and spoke to three people at RPM. RPM stated that even if I pay DirecTV in full, they can only mark the account as Paid in Full; they can not delete it. I understand that PiF won't help my credit much. 


I then called DirecTV back and they stated that once I paid them, the account would be deleted from my credit report. I asked for this in writing and am getting the run arround. I know it is possible, because I just had success fixing an old Sprint account using the same method. 


I searched these boards and found some old threads regarding contacting John Suranyi (President of Sales & Service) for help with deletion, however those threads were from back in 2007 and he no longer works for the company. I am having limited success finding who I should email these days. 


I am ready and able to make full payment, but only want to do so if the CA will be deleted from my credit report. Where should I go from here? 




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Re: DirecTV and Receivables Performance Management - $419

please do yourself a favor and pay directv. I was in the exact situation with a sprint account. once i paid them , it was gone within 2 weeks. Dont pay RPM if directv still has the account.

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Re: DirecTV and Receivables Performance Management - $419

I would probably take their word for it. Some companies just don't want to say they made that arrangement.

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