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Double Negatives

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Double Negatives

My TU report is reporting an account charged off from a utility company and that same account is reporting from a CA.  Can this same debt be reported by 2 different collectors with a balance showing on both?  I've already disputed, so now what can I do? 

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Re: Double Negatives

Yes, the OC can list their account and the CA collecting for them can list theirs.  If the OC owns the debt both of them can show a balance.  If the OC sold the debt they would need to show a 0 balance.


Does it say transferred/sold on the OC account?

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Re: Double Negatives

OC shows charged off on report. 

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Re: Double Negatives

I know.  If it doesn't say transferred/sold they still own it.  If you contact them to pay it, see if they will recall the debt from the CA.  The CA would have to delete.

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Re: Double Negatives

I have a similar situation and was hoping for some advice.  I had a Salute VIsa card opened back in 08/2007.  The account is reported as closed in 11/2008.  The status says the account was charged off and shows a balance of $472.  The remarks say :  Account closed by consumer; Closed by credit grantor; >Unpaid balance charged off<


Further on down in my report I have another item from a CA which references the same Salute account #.  This item reports that it is in collections.  Original amount was $660 and the balance is now $923. 


Both items show that they will be removed sometime in 2016.  If anyone has advice on how I should approach this I'd greatly appreciate it.  If I should contact the CA, would it be better to pay the full amount or try to settle for a lesser amount?  I believe I only had a 400 or 500 credit limit on the card.  So it looks like the CA has added fees and/or interest.

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Re: Double Negatives

Since the OC is still showing a balance, they would still own the debt and the CA is just assigned collection.  This account is old, is it past the SOL of your state?  I would contact the OC and make a settlement offer on it, that way the CA would have to delete.

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