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Hi. I am looking to get an account from them removed. Could I have the email address. i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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can I please have those email addresses as well..  I also have a Sprint PCS account on my credit report from EOS-CCA that sprint has no idea about..

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can I have those email address also?



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Can I have the email addresses too, please? Sent them certified letter to PTD and nothing back yet.
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Can I please have the email address as well. Thank you very much.

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Three weeks ago I wrote a "heartfelt" GW letter to them asking if they could delete an AT&T account that I settled with them back in April.  I received a letter back stating that they would.  When I checked my reports this past weekend EOS was gone from all of them.  My score also went up 23 points with that deletion.  I wrote them using the address from their website (I think it's 700 Longwater...or something to that effect.  I don't have it in front of me at this moment so I'm going from memory.)  Apparently EOS is very good when it comes to deletions.  Midland is the one I think I'll have trouble with.  Hope this helps.

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I have PMed everyone who has asked the contact infor..


sorry for the delay!




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Did anyone have any success with the email addresses they received from Scott?
 If so could I beg for them? I would be grateful, also has any one had any success with snail mail?
Thanks for your time

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Can you give me the information for removal.....have been dealing with them on a closed account and they won't budge.  Thanks!!!

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Pl,ease refrain from posting multiple times, i will send the contact info to you though., 

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