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EQ or CA lying....??

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EQ or CA lying....??

I have been unable to figure out how EQ can "verify" medical accts I know were in a 2003 BK. TU deleted and Experian disputes still pending.  TU score is 610, Exp not far behind and EQ is 490 something!!  I'm trying to buy the house and EQ score is really going to hinder that possiblity. 

So Merchants Cred and Audit & Adjustment did not respond to DV. I have the green cards so they did in fact recieve them.  I am running out of patience so I called the OC and was told that niether Merchants nor Aud & Adj have contacted them regarding any of my accounts.  SO that tells me that both Merchants Credit & Coll AND Audit & Adjustment are verifying/validating to EQ without ever even have really that correct?? 


FYI:  My spouse and I are victims of 2007 ID theft as well.  FTC complaints, police reports and fraud alerts place at all 3 CRA (for whatever good they do, 3 people have been able to our check credit with alerts on and no one contacted us to check like they are supposed to).  


This really upsets me, anyone have any advice??  Thanks

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Re: EQ or CA lying....??

When you dispute with the CRA, the CA does not have to contact the OC to "verify" the information. All that is verified when you dispute is that the CRA is reporting the same information that the CA has in their system. If it all matches, it is "verified".



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Re: EQ or CA lying....??

You've got to be kidding me.  So no actually checks the actual account?? 

 I've actually disputed with CRA, CA and tried the OC.  OC just says "talk to the CA".   CA never responds to letters and CRA obviously does nothing anyway.  Wow.....I want thier jobs. 

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