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EX can't verify SSN

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EX can't verify SSN

TL;DR version:

EX can't verify my SSN to allow me to get free scores from US Bank. I need a number to a LIVE person who can fix this for me, automated systems do not work (I've tried too many times to count).



Full version:

So I found out that US Bank offers a free EX credit score as a perk of being a credit card holder from them. I currently have 2 secured CCs from them ($500, $300). However when I try to enroll, I get a message that it can't be processed and I need to call in for further assistance. I call the number listed and am told it is because they can't verify my SSN. I believe this issue is due to the fact that from when I turned 18 (1999) until 2006 or so, I was using a different SSN than my actual one. The reason for this was not fraud or anything nefarious - rather a miscommunication or confusion when I applied for a SS card when I started working in 1997 (having lost my other one at time of issue), the SS folks sent me a card that had an SSN one digit off from my actual number. I only found out about this issue later when applying to open a new bank account and the bank was unable to verify and that I needed to get a letter of verification from SS.


In case it matters at all, the variation is due to the fact that my legal name contains a suffix (II - I'm named after my deceased uncle who died about 8 years before I was born). Perhaps I did not include this info in my initial application for a SS card, but one would think that the DOB would point them in the right direction.


Once I had the "new" number, I notified all of my creditors and others that use my SS number of the change. In some cases, I had to mail in copies of the card, which I did. Now two of the three CRAs report a "variation" on my file, which is fine since I'm not trying to hide anything.


My question here is does anyone have a number for Experian that gets me in touch with a LIVE PERSON. I do NOT under any circumstances want to deal with an automated system that only exists to get me to PAY for a CR from them. I don't feel I should have to pay money to fix an error with THEIR information. What makes it even weirder is the fact that I was able to pull a CR through about two weeks ago without any issues.


So sorry about the rambling post but I'm at my wits end with these people. I want to help them to have accurate information on me for both of our sakes but they do not make it easy to get a hold of a live person to fix the problem. So if anyone has any numbers for Experian that put me in touch with a living, breathing human being, I will be in your debt for a long time.


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