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Equifax Dispute - Status


Equifax Dispute - Status

Hello everyone,


I completed a dispute online at Equifax almost 30 days ago - I was getting emails here and there stating it was still pending, but had an estimate of 1/16/2012 for results.  Now when I go online to check the status it states, "No disputes Pending."  What is this, has anyone had this problem?  Do they mail you the results even though you did the original dispute online?  I have tried to contact them by phone, but they have closed already for the day.


Thanks !!!!

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Re: Equifax Dispute - Status

In your online dispute, did you authorize electronic response?


I would suspect that if they have posted a comment relating to the dispute, that they have concluded their reinvestigation and sent their Notice of Results to you.

They have until expiration of the reinvestigation period, normally 30-days, plus 5 days thereafter to send Notice of Results.

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Re: Equifax Dispute - Status

Thank you!


I have actually just check my Equifax credit report through and the dispute has been removed from my credit report!!!!  YAY!!!!  Smiley HappySmiley Happy 

I'm slowly getting there - Thanks to all of you on this forum, you guys are great!!!!

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