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Eviction Dispute


Eviction Dispute

Sorry for the vague thread title but I'm not really sure how I should phrase the question.  Basically, making a long story short, I was evicted from an apartment in 2005.  I technically wasn't living there (was in another lease) but I never broke my name off of the lease and the roommate was evicted which affected both of our credit reports.


I'm wanting to know what the SOL is for this type of thing in Georgia.  I notice the date assigned is "11/05" and the date reported last is "10/08".  How long we'll they keep reporting this?  How long will it negatively impact my credit score?  The interest keeps accruing so is there a chance they are waiting until the last possible minute to take me to court?  I tried disputing this and they quickly returned the reply with a copy of my lease.


I didn't want to pay it because I didn't think it was fair that I would have to pay a full amount and get both of us out of the red.  The former roommate is now deceased and there's no hope of collecting any money.  I'm wanting this to hopefully just fall off.  Can anyone offer any insight?


Thank you MyFicoForum!


Happy New Year!


Here's the equifax info.


Date Reported: 10/2008 

Date Assigned: 11/2005 

Creditor Classification: Rental/Leasing 


Account Number: XXXXXXXX 

Account Owner: Individual Account. 

Original Amount Owned: $1,990 

Date of 1 st Delinquency: 09/2005 

Balance Date: 10/2008 

Balance Owned: $2,402 

Last Payment Date: N/A 

Status Date: 10/2008 

Status: D -

Unpaid  Comments: Consumer disputes after resolution


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Re: Eviction Dispute

This can report for 7 - 7 1/2 years from DOFD. DOFD is being reported, according to what you supplied, as 9/2005, which means this can report all the way up to 03/2013 and may be removed earlier, as the 7 years is up on 09/2012.


Is 09/2005 when the eviction and debt occured?


As long as it reports, it will negatively affect your score.


Date assigned and date reported last is irrelevant to reporting time period and SOL.


SOL runs from the cause of action and a lease will likely fall under "written contracts". Check the state resources link in my signature for more information for your state.




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Re: Eviction Dispute

Thanks for the info.  I believe 09/05 was when the eviction first occured.


Written contracts in GA is 6 years...  That's a pretty lengthy time!  Another 2 years.  I'm wondering if I should settle up with them or let the dice roll and hope they don't come at me last minute with a lawsuit? 

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