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Experian key derogatory 3 years later, plz help

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Re: Experian key derogatory 3 years later, plz help

Litton was sold by Goldman Sachs to Ocwen in Sep 2011. That may have caused an update to your account--right or wrong--about that time. Not much help, just trying to help you narrow down the cause of this. Good luck
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Re: Experian key derogatory 3 years later, plz help

Thnak-you atarvuzdar, that may explain the update.  But i didnt even know Litton had my loan. The foreclosure was through B of A on the 1st and 2nd mortgage(California) and thats how my credit report shows the foreclosure.  Showing the B of A entry as 30....60....90....120..... then the RF, RF, RF...... ect...... and thats where it should have ended (I believe).  So Litton is not a Collection Agency but a Loan Service that is now owned by Ocwen.  Is it possible to write Litton for validation of that debt or what other options do I have??  And again, is it worth disputing with only about 2 years left till the foreclosure drops from my credit report.

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