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Federal Bond Collection Services? What a joke!

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Federal Bond Collection Services? What a joke!

These people kept calling my fiancee over and over.  I finally got a working number for them and called to see what was up.  They are trying to collect on zombie debt from 2001 on a credit card I never had... I have never banked with this company before of had any dealing with them until very recently, and we are in VERY good standing.  I called the first time and they had my address wrong.  I asked them to send me a letter through USPS since we made our first contact.  I gave them my correct address to send the letter to, that way they couldn't use the excuse that we sent out the letter to the last known correct address on me.  I haven't received it in over 2 weeks now, so I decided to call them again.  I called on 3 seperate occasions this morning speaking with the same person.  She started getting serious attitude with me and I called her out on it, saying they were the one contacting me in the first place.  She hung up.  I called again, got her on the phone, told her I had her on speaker phone and was recording the conversation.  All I said is to send the first contact letter to my address and was spelling it out for her, and she hung up.  Called her again, repeated above steps, and another hang up. 


Be careful with these crooks... I am reporting them to FTC, Texas Attorney General, blah, blah, blah.....  Please, if these people call you, BEWARE!!!!


They go by FBCS or Federal Bond Collection Services

2200 Byberry Rd

Hatboro, PA  19040


They speak very fast and try to act intimidating.  I just laughed at them and asked them to read what they supposedly had on file for me.  I again laughed in her face and said, "are you kidding me?"  Just send me the letter please.  I also told them on speaker with recording that if any hard pulls or insertions on my credit reports were made by this company, I will be ready to see them in court.  Another hang up.  Dont let these people intimidate you people.  Just a heads up to everyone on MyFico...

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Re: Federal Bond Collection Services? What a joke!

As debts get older the CAs tend to get funnier. Double check to make sure it is past SOL. Odds are, it is. They can collect past CRTP and SOL, but I'd send a DV anyway. Some might take a different approach and send a FOAD letter. Maybe I'd ignore them entirely for the heck of it. Dunno.



Just looked into my past CA history and they purchased a debt that we settled on with another JDB (Wolpoff & Abramson). We settled at a discount and documented it carefully. W&P then sold the balance to FBCS and FBCS was agressive about collecting despite our settlement proof. FBCS is a bum in my book too.

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