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Feeling defeated after my first GW denial

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Feeling defeated after my first GW denial

Hi All:


I sent my first round of GW letters two weeks ago, and I received my first NO, it was more like " We regret to imform you that we do not make GW adjustments".  This came from Wells Fargo EFS.  They purchased a student loan back from AES in 9/10.  I was back in school at set to graduate in 12/10, my loans were all defered, so I thought.  Apparently this particular loan was excluded in the grace, and I did not know.  I didn't even know WF bought it back from AES.  Anyway, they didn't have accurate contact info for me, so I didn't receive any correspondences.  I actually found out about my deliquencies from my mother who was co-signer.  Needless to say they CO the account before I found out.  Ijust finished paying it off.  Anyway I sent GW asking to remove, as it was not only hurting me, but my mother.  and I got the big fat NO. 


I guess I will keep sending them more!!!  Awaiting word from Cap1 and Credit one.  I hope I have better luck!!!  Feeling pretty defeated right now.

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Re: Feeling defeated after my first GW denial

Keep sending them.  I've gotten the same answer from others and then finally a yes!

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Re: Feeling defeated after my first GW denial

Keep sending them!!!!

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