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Fingerhut/NFUC Reporting

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Fingerhut/NFUC Reporting

I just got a Fingerhut Frestart Loan and a Share Secured Loan from NFCU. Anyone had these before? How long did they take to report?


 I couldn't event get a Cap 1 Secured Card , so I'm getting quite frustrated trying to put some positives on my report. They seem to  not want to report, but my CAs report right away..ahhhh so frustrating!!!!!!   Sorry you all just had to gripe!

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Re: Fingerhut/NFUC Reporting

In my case, I got an instant approval for a Fingerhut line of credit (whopping $200) in the middle of February 2013. the credit report they pulled (at the time) had two closed credit card accounts from 2003/2004 (positives) and one 2 year old paid repossesion (which I got deleted last week).


Anway, I made a purchase, received the purchase and am still waiting for them to issue a statement so I can pay. They say they issue statements within 2-4 weeks after you order/open your account. Almost one month later, no statement (I'm sure any day now), but they haven't reported to any credit bureaus yet, either (I get unlimited 3 bureau reports which I order one 3 bureau report daily plus I have scorewatch with myfico, etc). So I'm sure they haven't reported yet.


I'm sure somebody else knows the answer, but for me, they haven't reported yet - so for you, if you were just approved, you're in for a wait.


My guess is they will report a little before or after the statement cuts. Or perhaps at the end of this month? 


All I do know is that they do report. Others hopefully will chime in as to when!

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Re: Fingerhut/NFUC Reporting

Thanx. I hope so. I haven't even gotten as much as a new account notification, yet my inquiries for a denied Cap 1 secured popped up right away.

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Re: Fingerhut/NFUC Reporting

I opened fingerhut one month ago, ordered a week later, received item a week later, but no statement yet, however they reported last week.
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Re: Fingerhut/NFUC Reporting

So I'm probably looking at next month on both accounts. Hopefully there is some increase. Hope I don't get too much of a drop from AAoA going down. Hopefully it will just show positive payment history of which I have none and new accts which i have none. Just a ton of baddies that refuse to die

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Re: Fingerhut/NFUC Reporting

HP Feb 3rd and added account  w/ CL on CR Feb 21st recieved all information/card later in the mail.

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