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First Premier Bank luck with GW?

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First Premier Bank luck with GW?

Has anyone had luck with a GW to remove a FPB charge off???


Seems like a lost cause :-(



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Re: First Premier Bank luck with GW?

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Re: First Premier Bank luck with GW?

Nope, I keep trying and get the same letter saying they don't adjust correctly reported information.

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Re: First Premier Bank luck with GW?

Is it worth filing with the BBB or reporting a dispute? Or should I just let it stay on my report?


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Re: First Premier Bank luck with GW?

BBB has no authority on FCRA rules and regulations. If the OC does not honor GW's then their is no right to dispute a accurate TL.




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Re: First Premier Bank luck with GW?

Ive tried just about everything to get FPB to remove a charge off from my CR. They seem to be one of the toughest nuts to crack....if not impossible.


Its probbanly still worth trying as I have seen a few people get lucky.


I tried PFD, GW letters, BBB Complaint. The charge off was legit but  they had some reporting errors in terms of the lates, so I tried to dispute with them directly and they finally  just updated the tradlines with no payment history showing.


These are my only two baddies on my report and i have now resigned myself to the fact that they will be stuck on my reports for 2 more years.....they charged of in 2008.


The worst thing about FPB for me is that I cant remember how these two card with toy limits($250) went in to default when I had 3 secured cards all with much higher limits from 2005 that I never missed a payment on. I think the biggest reason were the fact that they held payments for so many days which caused me to often go over the CL as well as all of their rediculous fees.


My guess is that they have such a strict policy about removing past chargeoffs because a huge amount of their portfolio probably ends up in chargoff status. In most cases by the time the card has charged off the customer has already paid so many of their fees that they still turn a profit on those. If they had a policy of removing chargeoffs they would probbably have to open a whole new department just to deal with the shear volume of requests.




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Re: First Premier Bank luck with GW?

Folks, never ever take any credit card from FPB, the worst decision you ever made in Your life, rather go make secured creditcard then having creditcard from FPB.

once their website had tech problems, i was trying to do my payment, i ended up paying twice for $80. I consulted the Customer Service, they told me, discuss with Your bank and refund the money with Your bank, i did that, and FPB consider that as a Fraud Payment and they closed my account without even consulting with me.

and pulled down my credit score for -20-23 points just because of that.

Is there anyway i can remove that from my Credit Bureau?



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