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Foreclosure Issue

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Foreclosure Issue

I need help I had a house go into foreclosure in 2009 with one come who filed Bankruptcy and the loan was transfered to a total of 3 different lenders before we finally went to court and settled. Mind you I had attempted to sell this house so it wouldnt go to foreclosure, because it had changed hands so many times we could never get to closing.  Went to court in 8/11 with BOA who state would not come after me for any remaining balance once they finally sold the house. I am trying to but a home now and its coming out no record of mortgage on my credit report until today. I recieved an alert BOA is reporting 180 late on EX, I have order that shows free and clear do I have any recourse in desputing this? I am very fustrated since it had been completed since 08/11.  Thanks

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Re: Foreclosure Issue

The ultimate disposition of a debt is separate from the reporting of delinquencies that occured prior to its satisfaction.


No, satisfaction of a debt is not basis for disputing the accuracy of reporting of delinquencies that occured along the way.


Neither is the fact that a delinquency is reported after satisfaction of the debt.  The issue is one of whether the delinquency occured, not when it was reported.

The FCRA does not require that adverse information be reported contemporaneously with its occurence.

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