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Frustration::CR Still Showing Remaining Balance...

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Frustration::CR Still Showing Remaining Balance...

On EX & EQ reports my foreclosure from 2009 is still showing a remaining balance. I disputed twice with EQ and they finally changed it to report as a Foreclosure, but the remaining balance is still showing the original loan amount.


Since this is my 2nd time disputing the account with EQ, what should be my next step? I would like to buy a home next year, but I am weary of showing up with such a high remaining balance. 


What should my next step be? I have the info on the Auction of my foreclosed home and a 1099.


I am still waiting to hear back from EX. Also, I am in AZ, (non-recourse) and this was my 1st and only mortgage.



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Re: Frustration::CR Still Showing Remaining Balance...

Send a direct dispute to the creditor, along with all your supporting documentation.


When you disputed through the CRA, they did not send that documentation to the creditor.  They simply reduced your dispute to a three-digit code under their e-Oscar automated dispute system.  By sending a direct dispute, you assure that the creditor receives all your supporting documentation.

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