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GECRB/Sams club contact info

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GECRB/Sams club contact info

Does anybody have any contact info for GECRB/Sams club to where I can send a GW?  The addresses that I got from my CR and from their website came back. Smiley Sad

GW Crescent bank to delete 3 30 day lates, GW Transouth Financial to delete 4 30 day lates, GW Sams club, GW Service Credit Union, GW Paramount Recovery, PFD LVNV Funding, PFD Applied Bank, PFD Capital One, PFD Asset Acceptance, PFD Capital One
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Re: GECRB/Sams club contact info

Just PM'ed you

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Re: GECRB/Sams club contact info

Hi John,

Would you please send it to me too?



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Re: GECRB/Sams club contact info

Just so you know, I've gotten NO love from Sam's on a single 30/60 from 2007 despite numerous GWs. They are the one of 3 that I have gotten nowhere with (the others being Santander and SPS).  Good luck!

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Re: GECRB/Sams club contact info

Thank you.  And thanks for the heads-up.

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Re: GECRB/Sams club contact info

Would someone mind giving me GEs/Belk info?
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Re: GECRB/Sam club contact info

Hi, can someone give me the info to send sam's club a goodwill delete letter. Every certified letter I have tried to send comes back but this is something I need off my credit cause although it has been paid it was charged-off and no t s haunting me. Thanks

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