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Good Faith Letter Response

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Good Faith Letter Response



I recently sent the basic good faith letter to a collection agency after paying off my debt.  This is the response I received a few weeks later.  My question is, what to do next?  keep sending a GF letter, until they comply, or get tired of seeing my name.  Or should I follow their advice and send a letter to the Credit Agency explaining, which I do not see the real point in doing, since my goal is to have this removed from the collections part of my report.  Thanks in advance for any help or advice!




This letter is in response to your request that our office delete your delinquent account information regarding theaccount owed to XXXXXXXX

From your credit file.

We routinely forward our experience regarding collection of debts to several national credit reporting agencies.

They are Transunion, Equifax, Experian, and Innovis. To maintain the integrity of those files, we do not instruct

those agencies to delete account information once an account is paid. We notify them when and if you have paid

your account and the date payment was received.

Your recourse is to write a statement explaining why you paid your account late, and to have that statement inserted

into your credit file at your local credit reporting bureau. You have the right then, as you do now, to inspect your

credit file in accordance with Federal Law. This can also be accomplished at your local credit bureau. We
are a

debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Beth Brown



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Re: Good Faith Letter Response

I C Systems is awful!!!     Who did you pay the OC or I C S?
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Re: Good Faith Letter Response



is this TL being reported 100% accurately? even a little mistake might entitle you to file a complaint with the BBB, the AGs and the FTC, and also file a small claim suit against IC.


In my experience, when GW fails, hard will succeeds.


good luck!!!

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Thank you MyFico!
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Re: Good Faith Letter Response

I paid ICS,


and yes I believe it is being reported correctly.



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Re: Good Faith Letter Response

100% accurately?


if you feel like posting the tradeline record from your CR we could help you double check.


things to look for: type of account, date open, date closed, status....

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Thank you MyFico!
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