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Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

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Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

I am needing to get a mortgage in the next 2 months and have been working on improving my credit so that I can qualify for a conventional loan instead of FHA (the thought of paying $200+ per month in PMI kills me).  So I sent a round of goodwill letters to some old chargeoffs (all paid in full now) and credit agencies (all of which are paid in full).  Today I got a notice on MyFico of a score change.  I logged into ScoreWatch and low and behold there is now a dispute remark on the old Office Depot/CBSA chargeoff account that I sent a goodwill letter to.  I did not dispute the account!  My broker told me that I could not have any disputes on my credit report...Now what?  Is it common for a goodwill letter to turn into a dispute even though I haven't filed a dispute with the CRAs?   The account also now shows a last activity date of 08/10 (it was 07/10 before I sent the goodwill letter) and the high credit amount has been changed to a lower amount since I sent the goodwill letter.  Does this make sense to anyone?  Thank you in advance for any insight.  You people on here are great!!!

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Re: Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

Yes, it is very common for a GW to turn into a dispute.


I would send another letter and tell them you DID NOT dispute the TL, you were asking for a GW for whatever it was.  I would ask they remove the dispute notation.

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Re: Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

Yup, my LO told me the same thing.  I have to wait till Feb 23, 2013 for the dispute from Experian to fall off as well.  It can take up to 45 days.

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Re: Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

I had something similar ahppen.  I sent GW request to Penneys this month & it now states on my FICO that "customer disputes", but my score improved.  Do I need to send a letter back to Penneys?  This is all new to me & its quite confusing!

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Re: Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

The EXACT same thing happened to me.

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Re: Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

Today I received my second letter from Penneys - they are sorry about my circumstances, blah blah blah - nothing they can do.  Anybody have any suggestions or other addresses, such as email?  Thanks for everyones help!!

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Re: Goodwill Letter Turned Into a Dispute???

Once a dspute banner is placed on an account, the scoring model temporarily ignores the negative account information.  However, once the dispute banner is removed or after an extended period of time, the scoring model will again begin to factor in the account information and you  would see a decline in your score.  


Notably, if you are seeking a mortgage, i have been informed by many that lenders do not like to see dispute notations on accounts and this could result in a denial.

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