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Goodwill over the phone?

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Goodwill over the phone?

How successful is having a late pay good willed over the phone??

Trying to get a mortgage and need 32 points per broker, thought it may be quicker this way than mailing letters.


anyone have luck with this?


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Re: Goodwill over the phone?

Lots of posters have had luck over the phone.  It really depends on who the creditor is and the CSR you happen to get.

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Re: Goodwill over the phone?

Today alone I have had two lates removed by Toyota and negotiated a PFD with National Recovery for a medical collection over the phone. Last week I started calling Capital One last week to GW 3 lates and was successful. I recorded my phone calls by calling from one phone on speaker and recording voice memos with my iPhone just in case they try any funny business later on. I made them repeat that they would delete in many different


I am too buying a home and currently need 60 points. I had one collection and 5 lates removed, was added to my mom's chase credit card as an AU that she has had since 1994, and got my utilization down to 8%. If this doesn't give me 60 points by the end of the month, I really do not know what will...Keeping my fingers crossed...


Good Luck. 


PM me if you want to talk about how i did it.