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HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

Received a call back from HSBC Executive Consumer Resolutions department. They replied in response to my GW e-mail, and I I am receiving the adjustment! :smileyvery-happy:


Thanks Witanga for this and the Cap 1 contact! :smileywink:


Even though this single LP was almost 2 years ago, it still makes the account list as a negative factor. Having this removed will help at least a little.


I will put a copy of the letter I wrote, but bear in mind, specifics to your situations work best:





Account Number: **************



How are you sir!

I have an out of the box request and I would love to see if you could oblige. I
am in the process of credit restoration to buy a new home, and one the negative
factors on my credit report is a 30 day late payment from HSBC. (Dec 2009)

Now I do understand the integrity of the credit reporting system, I am also
aware that you all are legally required to report Fair and Accurate information.
Thus not compromising the integrity of the credit game.

However, I am asking for an extension to remove the SINGLE late payment recorded
on my account for credit reporting purposes. I know this is something that is
normally not granted. I don't have a sob story as to why I paid late, it was
quite honestly a simple oversight.

Are you able to review my account and potentially remove this derogatory

 I am not asking for a deletion of an entire tradeline or removal of multiple
lates. But I very much enjoy being an HSBC customer. (I have my car loan, credit
card, and credit monitoring service through your bank)

As a LOYAL customer, whom has NEVER been late on any HSBC accounts, other than
this single late on my credit card account.

I have contributed key business (money) to your organization, and am hoping to
be forgiven of a SINGLE trangression.

Please give me an e-mail back or call if you would like to discuss further!
Thanks in advance for reading my e-mail!




Hope this is inspiration, as in the last 2 years I have pulled my credit from the high 400s to the lows 600s and RISING with GW letters and PFDs.


Tackling responsibility and effort goes a long way, GOOD LUCK ALL!


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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)


Would you mind sending me a PM with the hsbc and cap one emails?

Much appreciated! Thx!

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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

:smileywink:Check your PM

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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

I sent a goodwill email to a top HSBC exec as well on Sunday night and then yesterday received a phone call from him telling me he would look into it for me!!! I know it's not a definite, but it's better than a "NO" so I am hopeful......can't wait to get his response!

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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

I would love the HSBC and Cap 1 contacts too! Congratulations!!

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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

Could you PM me the Cap 1 contact also?


I have on 30 day late in Feb 2009 with a cap one card and this is putting my account in negative.


Would be good if Cap 1 removes it.



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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

It will take a lil bit for them to respond and update the account, but if you receive a call back, that is a good sign. But not always a definite YES.
Let me know how yours works out.
For the rest of the e-mail INQs, check your PM folks.:smileyhappy:
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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

Good Job!!! Will you PM me his email address?  I have been trying delete something from them over a year now.

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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

Check your PM Purseman.


For all future requests, I will be signing off shortly. But as soon I receive your post, I will PM you all the info



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Re: HSBC Success! (GW E-mail Inside)

Could you pm me the contact for HSBC? Thank you.

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