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HSBC will not do goodwill adjustment

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Re: HSBC will not do goodwill adjustment

Yes it was IIB CHP 7. I have been on the phone, wrote letters... nothing. They are clearly stated on my paperwork from my CHP 7. EQ is the only one reporting somewhat correctly.

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Re: HSBC will not do goodwill adjustment

Can you provide a copy of the letter that HSBC sent you removing the delinquency? I am having an awful time trying to get one solitary 30 day late reporting removed from my husband's CRs. This is on an $8k credit line that we only used once for $50 and were late due to a horrible death in the family. There are other pertinent details but suffice to say that HSBC's "executive office" (Katrina) has taken the stance that HSBC NEVER grants goodwill removals unless it is expressly proven that HSBC is at fault. And help that could be given would be great. My husband and I are in escrow for a new house and even though we have good credit scores, just this one delinquency lowered my husbands score about 40 points.


p.s. already disputed with CRA's and faxed goodwill letter into HSBC, only to get a generic letter from HSBC saying our dispute is settled. Who actually has the authority to send the damn e-OSCAR through within HSBC?!?!?! Help, please! and sorry for the profanity.

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Re: HSBC will not do goodwill adjustment

Can you post a link where you have even found HSBC contact information?

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Re: HSBC will not do goodwill adjustment

HSBC/Orchard are a pain.....I've been emailing all the CEO's for the past month and no luck with GW. Yes I get calls back from the "Executive Team" but it's always the same thing. The lady I spoke with today climbed to the top of the "BS list". She stated that HSBC doesn not remove tradelines or do GW because unlike other banks they didnt accept government bailout money. I asked her what that had to do with anything and she said that if they would have accepted bailout money then they would have to comply with a different set of rules......WHOA...I SMELL BS........I just laughed at her and told her I'll email them again Wednesday and call again.

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Re: HSBC will not do goodwill adjustment

HSBC can and WILL do GW adjustments.  You really have to get the right person and also have to have a REALLY good reason.  The, oops, totally spaced my payment due date and want to buy a home but can't, or I was stupid and irresponsible and have since learned my lesson just doesn't work with them.  OP, not saying that's your reason, it's just an example.  I wrote letters, faxed, email.  Got contacts to exec relations got shut down at every turn.  My wife found the CEO e-mail and we sent off an email to him.  Next day I got a call from the CEO's office and she said she'd research my request and get back to me.  We exchanged numerous phone calls and I did have to fax in documents supporting my request.  Eventually, another lady called me back (one who had denied my request before) who said my account had been forwarded to her for resolution and that she was glad I pushed the issue because she really had wanted to grant my request.  Fast forward almost 5 months, one charge off has been deleted.  One account that was charged-off (but never really internally charged-off????) has been re-opened and we (HSBC and I) are working together on removing lates from one CRA that seems to be stubborn in removing them.  GW's will not for everyone with HSBC.  They are difficult, I was denied repeatedly, like I said, even by the woman who is now helping me fix everything.  It is HSBC's policy to not grant GW or delete tradelines, I'm reminded of that everytime I call them still.  Your request has to have validity behind it, and has to get to the "higher ups" who can make the decision to overlook the hardfast policy.  Keep at it. 

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