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Help me understand why my score dropped 30 + pts?!?!

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Help me understand why my score dropped 30 + pts?!?!

Verizon had listed a charge off on my CR for $271 but when I contacted their offices, they had no record of the account.  The last activity listed was from 5/1/2009.  I disputed the information.  The account was updated as a zero balance and closed.  The reasons for my score change listed on here say things like THE STATUS OF THE ACCOUNT IMPROVED/ THE BALANCE OF THE ACCOUNT DECREASED/ THE AMOUNT PASSED DUE ON THE ACCOUNT DECREASED/THE HUSTORY OF LATE PAYMENTS OR DESCRIPTION FOR THIS ACCOUNT IS REVISED TO BE LESS DEROGATORY.....


man... i feel stupid for disputing it becuase it hurt me more then helped me........ Man this fico thing really has me confused.....


Thanks in advance for any explanation you can provide.

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Re: Help me understand why my score dropped 30 + pts?!?!

The fast answer is older bad accounts dont hurt your score as much but when the Bureaus change anything in an old account (instead of  just deleting it), that can take what was an old account and give it new data which will make the Score adjust. I would think the requst would be to remove if Versizon had no record. I hope that helps. Im still a novice.

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