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Help with collection acct.......

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Help with collection acct.......

Hi, I have a collection from WCI on my cr but when I tried to contact them by sending them a settlement letter by cmrrr, the letter was returned because of the address.  It is the same one that is on my cr.  If I can't contact them by mail and I never received anything from them, can I dispute it with the cb?

The collection is for an old phone bill but I can't even reach them by mail.  What else can I do to get it removed from my cr?

Any help is Greatly Appreciated!!! 

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Re: Help with collection acct.......

Someone can come along behind me and offer the information in a better way...


If it were me, I would enclose a copy of the return envelope showing the address is invalid, along with a copy of that page of your CR, showing the matching addresses.   In your cover letter, state you tried to contact them and found their reported contact information is invalid, ergo, the reporting should be deleted as it is inaccurate and unverifiable.  


Good luck!

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