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How to respond to "no" email

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How to respond to "no" email

I would still like to get this information removed.

How do I respond?


Dear Ms. XXXX:
Thank you for your email. Eglin FCU cannot grant your request by removing
your derogatory account from your credit bureau. The credit bureau has a
contractual and ethanical responsibility to report information regarding
members account.

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Re: How to respond to "no" email

Ouch!  Who did you email?  Can you email someone else further up the chain?

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Re: How to respond to "no" email

I always send something like this:


I understand that it is not usual policy to remove derogatory information but I am now in the process of rebuilding my credit history and future profile. I assure you I'm working really hard to improve my credit profile by now making on time monthly payments to my open accounts. I hope you understand that I made a mistake when I failed to make my payments before.  In light of things, I am sincerely asking for a little goodwill and a chance at a positive credit rating.

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Re: How to respond to "no" email

Absolutely escalate this up the chain.  They have to report accurate information, but they don't have to report any information at all.  See if you can get ahold of someone up the ladder so they can go against policy.

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Re: How to respond to "no" email

I also start off by saying " Thank you so much for looking into this matter"

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