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I C Systems

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Re: I C Systems

Hi, could you please pass on the I C systems email address? thanks!

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Re: I C Systems

I don't know or have any emails for I.C Systems but I had a small paid medical collection ($30) with them that was removed after a dispute.

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Re: I C Systems

Can I have the email address as well ?  Thank you Smiley Happy

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I C System contact info

Could you please PM me the contact info as well?  They are my last paid derogatory.


Thank you so much in advance!



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Re: I C Systems

Hi may i please have the email address for I C systems also? Im in the same situation. Just wish it was deleted so i can get a fresh start.

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Re: I C Systems

I sent a GW thru their website contact us forum after the fact of paying them the $80 from Cox Cable in 2009.  I got the "we're sorry but it was accurate so we can't in good conscious remove it from your file.  Please feel free to contact the 3 agencys and you have the right to leave a description of why your payment was late."  Guess I'll just wait until 2016 and let it drop off.....

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Re: I C Systems

My first time posting in any of the forums here but would be very interested to get the email address for IC Systems so that I can try to get a paid collection deleted too
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Re: I C Systems

HI, I know this was from awhile ago, but I was hoping to have a paid collection removed as well from I C Systems. Would you mind sharing their email address with me??


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Re: I C Systems

Can someone please PM the address they used? Thanks so much!
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Re: I C Systems


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