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I got an Emblem CC......


I got an Emblem CC......

WEll I had a Premier Bank CC, I settled the acct for a trade for the Fresh Start Solution Program. Well, I just received the credit card, It rolled over $159.00 to the cc with a $175 limit...I will pay it off.


I also have the Orchard Bank CC credit limiit of 300.00, I just receive this card on March 1, 2012. I have a $0 balance on this card. I did make a purchase and paid it off.


I am hoping that these CC will be the beginning of a 2nd chance to rebuilding my credit.


Any comments? Or Motivations


Also, I receive an email that states my experian report increased by 22 pts on by acct, but on my USAA acct, there is no alerts of that.


I did a GW letter on a RJM acct, and the acct has been paid.....



Am I one the right track?

Starting Score:




Goal: 650 by the end of 2012
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