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I need some advice...

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I need some advice...

Here is the situation:


I have an unpaid auto repo that is 2 years old. The balance has inflated to 13,000. It is being reported by the original creditor still but there is a collection agency handling the account. I contacted them to settle it as it is the only thing standing in between me and my first mortgage. They offered me a settlement of 3,000. When they sent me the settlement in writing via email the settllement said 271.00!! I immediatley went online and paid it and obtained a reciept. Now the collection agency is saying that they made a mistake and wont honor it. They reversed the payment. The question i have is, since i have the settlement in writing, paid it by the date they requested, do i have any grounds to stand on? I feel like they should have to honor it even if it was a mistake. Just like when a store has the wrong price on an item, they have to honor the wrong price.I have fought with them for about a month now to no avail. Should i hire an attorney? Or is it a waste of time? Please help!! Thank you!

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Re: I need some advice...

I'd consult an attorney on that one. 

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