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In the Long Process of Rebuilding

New Member

In the Long Process of Rebuilding

Good day to all


I am in the process of re-building and it's been a long journey.  I started with a score at around 543 and I am now up to 664(EQ), 665 (EX), and 650(TU). I recently received an offer from USAA for their AMEX cash back rewards card.  I currently have one inquiry on my credit report (Falling off in Dec) ,a collection account marked as paid which I am trying to get deleted, and an account that say closed but still has a balance even though I paid it off two years ago.  I was reviewing the USAA Amex offer and read that you would be better off with any of the official AMEX cards if you are looking for great rewards.  I have been reviewing a bunch of cards for well over two weeks now and my top choices are the Chase sapphire (which I know is out of the question), the AMEX BCE (also out of the question), the AMEX PFG (it's a long shot but maybe), then USAA AMEX(which I received the offer for). I received a few offers from AMEX last year when my scores were a little lower but they have long since expired and I have not heard anything back form them.  MY question is anyone got any insight as to what my chances are for getting approved for the AMEX PFG.  I have one Capitol one card with a 700 CL and 0 balance (which has been paid on time for the past year), no other debt whatsoever, and a very high annual income, 150,000+. If I do not get approved for the AMEX PFG would it be wise to take the USAA offer and will they approve me even since they sent me the offer.  As I stated earlier I have a few late payments on my report plus the paid collections and closed account still showing a balance. 

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