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I just checked my report and I have 3 collection agencies that are listed under Inquiries.
This means that have pull and looked at my credit history, right?
Are they allowed to do this?
I knew they could post to my report but I didnt think they could pull it and look at it.
A company listed in the Inquiries section of your report is someone that viewed your report , right?
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Re: Inquiries

This is an aspect of credit reporting that irks many consumers and, IMHO, needs to be fought. As things stand now, it's a grey area. There's no law that explicitly says they can't pull your credit report, but I think they'd be hard-pressed to PROVE they had a legitimate need to do so.

If it's just one or two inquiries, I'd leave it be, but three is excessive.
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Re: Inquiries

It looks as if each only pulled it one time. their name only shows once list under Inquiries.
I thought they had to have my permission to pull my credit report.
So does that mean that anyone can pull anyones credit report without permission?
For some reason I thought it was illegal to pull someones credit report like that
I am a little made thay pulled it. That is a little lower my score goes , might not be allot but I cant afford even a slightest right now
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Re: Inquiries

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IMO- with the recent update in the FCRA  they do not have PP-

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Re: Inquiries

I read your link for the fcra.
In section 604 (3)a
It reads:
To a person which it has reason to believe ,
To use the information in connection with a credit transaction involving the comsumer on whom the information is to be furnished and involving the extension of credit to, or review, or collection of an account of the consumer
This appears to mean that any collection company can pull your credit report at anytime without you even knowing it. They  dont need your permission
Am I reading this proper?

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