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Judgment amount updated to $0 - is this good?


Judgment amount updated to $0 - is this good?

I know a judgment is a judgment is a judgment, so ultimately its still a black mark, but after an unsuccessful dispute, EQ verified and updated the amount to $0 (it was previously $700).  I'm getting this vacated soon anyway but I'm wondering if having it as $0 instead of $700 means anything?  Better?  Worse?  Neither?


It starts dropping off next June so I'm still trying to decide if its worth paying $350 to vacate or just wait it out....  

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Re: Judgment amount updated to $0 - is this good?

It certainly looks better to anyone that is reviewing your credit report. It may not help your score. That depends on factors such as other Judgements, other negatives, etc.



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Re: Judgment amount updated to $0 - is this good?

Of course any judgement is going to be a major derog, but under a manual review I do believe it makes a difference.

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