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I have been living apart from my husband for 5.5 years. I built a house a few years ago and rebuilt my credit along the way, splitting the finances and getting to a better spot. Last year, my daughters both had a very bad medical year with $16K in OOP expenses. I, like a dummy, put them on 0% CCs thinking he would pay his part and I would pay mine and the world would be rosy. Ha.  The 0% is now buh-bye and I'm still trying to get their dad to pony up his half. I am being met with wailing and gnashing about his poor credit score.


By my counts, the negatives on his report should've dropped off early this year or by now at the latest (our rough patch was 2006-2007). I still have his creditkarma login so looked at it after the latest bout of "I have no money and can't get a loan" (his house is paid off) and saw that there is a NEW collection (6/14) from LVNV that would have been a CC that was charged off 2006-2007. I know he won't do any letter-writing about it, but aren't they way off base putting it as a new collection when it's that old? 

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Re: LVNV...complicated...

If it is still within the CRTP then they can still report it. You say it was probably charged off in 2006/2007? Is the OC still reporting? They can report up to 7.5 years from the date of first delinquency which ultimately led to charge off. If that time has passed then this would be re aging which is illegal.
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