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Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

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Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

First post in these forums.


I have a Kohls Charge card that I hardly ever use and back in August my wife used it to buy something that was on sale.  Long story short, she "forgot" to mention this fact to me.  Sometime last year I had changed the delivery option for my statements to email from the traditional paper statement.  I did not see the statement (since it went into my "Junk" email folder) until about 60 days had passed since the due date of the first statement.  I saw it by chance when I was looking for some other email that I did not receive in my inbox.  Anyway, I paid the $30 fee and the total balance (it was approx. $110 total including the fees) the same day I saw that email.  I have never had a late payment in my credit report (which is only about 8 years old) and my FICO score has always been in the upper 700s.  Now as a result of this 1 missed payment (my fault I agree) my score is 620.  How long does it take to get my score back where it was before I had this one-off missed payment?  Generally I pay all my bills in full well before the due date for all my cards (bank and stores).



Thanks for reading and in advance for your suggestions. 

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Re: Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

Call them and explain the mishap.  But it may take more than one phone call and if you have no other bad history with them, and they would want to keep your business. Be persistent.


I have sent a Good Will letter to them asking them to remove a 30 day late from 2004.  I will find the address and post it for you.


Good luck.

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Re: Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

I did call them.  They said that they can see that the account has been paid in full and there have been no previous history of missed payments.  But she (customer service agent) said that they could not take it away from my credit report since it has already been reported.  Was she lying or misinformed?  Should I try with a Supervisor?
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Re: Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

Kohl's no longer services this credit card.  It's now Chase backed.  Good luck getting anywhere with Chase.

If this is a 30day late, you will recover quite a few points when it reports as current.


You can call and beg chase, but they're not in any mood to give gw.  They stink.

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Re: Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

December 11, 2008



P.O. Box 3138

Milwaukee, WI. 53201


RE:     Account xxx-xxx-xxxx


My Address


Dear Kohls,


This letter is in regard to the closing of my account with your store.  I did request that the account be re-opened.  And apparently due to my credit situation, you were unable to extend me even the limited amount of $100. 


The reason for my recent request was to keep the trade line open and help improve my credit score, going forward. 


A loss of income in 2007 has been quite stressful and did impact my payment history, but not with Kohls.  My largest balance with you was approximately $300. Only once (reported November 2004) was my payment 30-days late.  My account is paid in full. 


I was disappointed with your decision, but I understand.   


As a gesture of good will, I request that you delete that small blemish from my payment history with your store, with the three major bureaus.


I do intend to continue shopping at the new Kohls which is now open near my home.


Please feel free to contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx, if you would like further information.





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Re: Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

i would definitely have my wife writing the letters, licking the stamps and the envelopes and taking them to the post office.


so much for the item being on "sale"

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Re: Late Payment on Kohls Charge Card

LOL @ pgsparx.


Thanks for the letter ned505.  I may give it a try.  Worse that can happen is they say no. 

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Re: Late Payment on Kohl's Charge Card

I will report back here as to the outcome with Kohl's. I am betting that it will take more than one letter.


btw.  On the merry journey from a 740 to a 523 EQ score, I called Kohl's and asked for them to remove the one lone little baddie with them. This must be a tip or cue, as they pulled my report and made my limit $100.  It was $800.



It was early in my credit rebuilding career. I had a very low balance relative to the CL.  It was good to know I had some available balance if I needed socks, undies, or other essentials when all was crashing down. 


I will shop there and I plan to send my receipts to them as demonstration of my Good Will.


Good Luck



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Re: Late Payment on Kohl's Charge Card

Hi, did you ever reach resolution with Kohls?  Any advice?  It is Oct 2012 and I am in the same situation.  Made a $37 purchase in June, was switched to paperless bills without my consent/knowledge, did not receive any bills (paper or electronic), and was immediately reported to credit agencies when my payment was late.  I received a collections notice in the mail, promptly paid the bill, late fees and interest, but Kohls is refusing to consider amending my credit.  I dropped from a 790 to a 725...I am sick over this.  Never a late payment on any account for 14 years....I cannot believe this!  Please let me know if any specific avenue worked for you.  Thanks!

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Re: Late Payment on Kohl's Charge Card

Sorry PC-Mom.  I decided to just drop the whole thing and take it as a lesson.  I did cancel the Kohls card in anger but now regret since it was one of the first cards I had opened and it would have helped with the oldest account open date.

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