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MOST Current Fax Numbers For TU & EX

New Contributor

MOST Current Fax Numbers For TU & EX

Hello myFICO members,

Just contacted both Experian and TransUnion to send them some documents and here is the most recent fax numbers I received for both.


Make Fax Attention Experian Dispute Department

(972) 390-4908


(610) 546-4771

Include this is each fax:

Attention: Transunion Consumer Contact Department

Mailing Address

Last Four Of Social Security Number

Number Pages Of Fax

Reason For Fax

TU File Number

Dispute Number

Starting Score: TU 450 EQ 491 (06 2010) Current Score: TU 746 EQ 747 EX 629 (Public Record "not" Mine can't get this darn thing OFF) (06 2013) Goal Score: TU 800 EQ 800 EX 700
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